My expertise in

Print Design

I have over 12 years experience within the graphic design industry. Most of which has been creating work for print. I've designed and art directed: advertising artwork, corporate literature, logos and brochures. I have a keen eye for typography and photography. Above all my relationship with print is firmly cemented in my understanding of the grid.

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My exposure to

Digital Design

My interest in digital/web design began while working at Arabian Interactive, where I had the opportunity to art direct some fantastic projects. I loved creating the look and feel for the websites, animations and video players we designed. I discovered that my design skills were transferable, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with grids in an online environment.

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My experience in

Editorial Design

I've been designing magazines and books for over 12 years. I've worked with publishers in South Africa, England, Mexico and the UAE. I've created original publications and redesigned existing ones. I've both art directed publications and designed them. I've worked with great photographers and illustrators. I understand the intricacies of editorial design.

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